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Oklahoma Dexter Cattle Association Youth Heifer Program
The purpose of this program is to aid youth in getting started in the Dexter Cattle business, by awarding heifer calves to program participants on the basis of merit, future goals and the ability to care for the animal.  Any Oklahoma youth, ages 9-15 as of January 1st of the current year, who is a 4-H or FFA member may apply.  Previous winners of the ODCA youth heifer are ineligible.  All applications will be reviewed by an independent selection committee.  
Each program participant will own their heifer jointly with the ODCA until completion of the program, at which time the participant will receive full ownership of the heifer and her offspring.
Each program participant will be responsible for raising the calf, arranging for her to be bred (AI or naturally) with help from their ODCA mentor, and provide an annual report about their heifer at the fall ODCA meeting in October for two years.

Return completed form to:
Rick Harvey
ODCA Youth Heifer Program
9171 N 68th Ave
Sperry Oklahoma 74073





ODCA Heifer Program Application


We would like to thank the following breeders for donating heifers to the ODCA Youth Heifer Program. Without their generosity and support this program wouldn't be possible. 
Norman & Mary Hoover -Hickory Creek Farm 
Molly Allen and Circle H Farms  
Rick Matthys Windmill Dexter's

Dewey Combs- D & D Red Dexter Ranch

 Joe Reynolds- Moses Meadows Dexter's

  Brody Johnson-5-J Ranch

Don &Sheila Farris-Euchee Creek Farm

Norman & Mary Hoover -Hickory Creek Farm

Adriane & Jim Lippian-Five Springs Ranch

Elmer and Agnes Blackburn-Busy Bee Ranch

Troy Harrold & Don Cheek-Red River Valley Dexter's

Gene Pittman-Mud Valley Farms

Randy & Karen Hall-Rocking H Dexter Ranch



Congratulations to Dakota Moorehead! He is the newest member of the ODCA youth heifer program. Dakota's heifer is a product of the program from youth member Cooper Kline, who received a heifer almost 2 years ago from Richard Matthys of Windmill Dexters.
 Dakota is a member of the Sapulpa Route 66 4-H Club. We look forward to seeing Dakota and Maria at this falls Tulsa State Fair. 


Several of our ODCA Youth Board had a nice visit with Teagan Neal and her family on a recent farm visit. She is our newest Youth Program heifer recipient of a heifer donated by Norman and Mary Hoover of Hickory Creek Farm located in Kansas. Her heifer looked great and Teagan has been working hard to get her ready for the county show at the end of August and the Tulsa State Fair.


 Ruston James' cow Moses Meadow's Macy has had a bull calf that will be sold to help buy a heifer for our
heifer program.  Congrats to Ruston for his great care he has given the heifer he received and the new calf.



Our senior Chris Odom award winner for 2017 is Britni Stewart! Congrats Britini!  Pictured with Britni is

Don Farris, Don Giles, Sheila Farris and our ODCA president Joe Reynolds.

Heifer awarded

Congratulations to Teagan Neal! She is our newest Youth Program heifer recipient! A huge thank you to Norman and Mary Hoover
of Hickory Creek Farm for donating this heifer! They have always been huge supporters of the ODCA! 2017-05-02


Congratulations to Miranda Ware! She is the newest recipient of a heifer from the ODCA heifer program. This heifer was donated through the joint effort of former program participant Molly Allen and Circle H Farms.




 Photos from ODCA Facebook Page

Passwater-Hudson Cyndi > ‎Oklahoma Dexter Cattle Association
Ruston may have been the only one in his class, the only Dexter in the show but was a huge moment for all members and supporters of the Dexter breed.

We got our own class and got recognized. We didn't get put in AOB class. Made it into the grand drive.

Had to share because they made room for us. Had to share because I know how important this is to the Dexter association and its members.

Thanks to everyone that made it happen. Thank you Alfalfa county fair board members. Thank you to his ag teacher, thanks to the other kids and families that help him and teach him. Thanks to each of you that have helped him learn the ropes along the way, helped him at every show. And thanks to the Dexter association members that are forwarding the program.




 Photos from ODCA Facebook Page

Taylor Amsley and New Day Amy


We are so excited to announce that another heifer 
has been awarded to a deserving Oklahoma youth by the
Dexter Heifer Program. Taylor Looman is from Hardesty and is really
excited about her new Heifer New Day Amy!
She has been in love with the Dexter breed since she was
an 8th grader and her Ag Teacher introduced the breed to her class.
She was given the chance to interact with some cattle and breeder at the
Oklahoma Youth Expo and decided she HAD to have one.
She hopes to introduce the Dexter breed to the citizens of Texas
county at the 2017 Texas County Youth Livestock
show this upcoming February.  She is excited to hopefully get more
students excited and interested in the Dexter breed.
She has received a pretty heifer, New Day Amy ADCA# 039098.
This heifer was purchased at a reduced price from P.J. Breedlove from the
proceeds of our sales of bull calves produced by program heifers.  We thank
P.J. and Joe for their generous offer to help us out.

  Ruston James and his new heifer Moses Meadow's Macy




How exciting..the latest heifer to be given away is one happy Ruston James from

Cherokee, Oklahoma.  Look forward to seeing Ruston and his new heifer. Moses Meadow's Macy.  Macy is a product of our

Oklahoma Dexter Heifer Program,  she was born to a heifer given to Kaylee Harvey.  As per the rules of the program

the first heifers calf goes back into the program to be given to another youth.   



Cooper Kline and WD Oaklee



Cooper with his Youth Program heifer WD Oaklee
doin' what Dexter kids do - hangin' with his heifer.




 Cooper Kline with his Youth Program heifer WD Oaklee (donated by Richard Matthys),

doin' what Dexter kids do - hangin' with his heifer at OYE 2015


The ODCA would like to congratulate Cooper Kline of Chandler for being

the latest recipient of a youth heifer. The calf was donated and delivered by generous donor Rick Matthys.

Shown in the picture showing at Central District Show in Feb 2015. 






 Zoey Shepard and  Mud Valley Red Bella


 One more youth that did an awesome job at OYE - Zoey Shepherd. We had a lot of fun with her!




Earlier this month a Dexter heifer was given to Zoey Shepard by the Oklahoma Dexter Cattle Association.

Thanks to the generosity of a new breeder here in Oklahoma, Mr Dewey Combs.  He just has started his

herd and we can understand what a generous thing he has done.

A very special person that is a great addition to our membership.


Pictured is Jason Shepherd and Zoey Shepherd with the donor Dewey Combs

Heifer is Mud Valley Red Bella




 Kaylee Harvey and Moses Meadow's Jazzy



 Kaylee Harvey for winning OYE Sr. Showmanship Mar 2015


The day Kaylee and heifer met.

Another heifer was awarded at this years ODCA Fall meeting held after the

Tulsa State Fair Dexter Show to Kaylee Harvey.  

Thanks to Joe Reynolds for his generous donation of this nice heifer.
 This heifer is Moses Meadow's Jazzy, ADCA # 34801, born 03/04/2014 

Kaylee Harvey with Parents Rick & Kim Harvey of Sperry, Oklahoma

 Lily-Anna Van Gaal



Lily-Anna Van Gaal showing her heifer at OYE. Her heifer came from Brody Johnson. We were really glad to have these two pretty girls representing our program and breed! Good Job Lilly and Sophie!!!


Lily-Ann with her ag teacher helping her with new calf


Our newest youth to recieved a heifer is Lily-Ann Gaal.
The heifer was donated by Brody Johnson.  The Idabel
FFA teacher. Dustin Clardy, is helping Lily and her family with
her new calf.  Lily recieved her new Dexter heifer in June of 2014

 Heifer Program at work

Molly Allen and  Violet

Molly's heifer had us a little bull.  The little bull has grown and ready

to move on so was offered for sale for $600.00.  He has been sold to the Stickland's.  

The proceed from the sale of this calf will go to help buy another heifer for our Heifer Program. 


 Britni Stewart and Pansy



Congrats to Britni Stewart for winning Grand with her dun heifer loaned to her by Joe Reynolds. She won a $500 college scholarship. That money is sponsored by the ADCA. Reserve Grand went to Asher Corter. Delaney Corter won Jr Showmanship and Kaylee Harvey won Sr. Showmanship. Mar 2015



Britni Stewart at OYE 2015, taking care of her girls. Notice the signs her dad Scott Stewart made more the youth program kids. Thank you Scott! Good work Britni!


Britni Stewart took first with her Pansy at the Lincoln County Spring Show on
Mar 6, 2014 at Chandler, Ok.  We are very proud of our most recent youth recipient.


Britni Stewart on the left and Danielle Hawkins on the right  at the
 Lincoln  County Spring Show on Mar 6, 2014 at Chandler, Ok.  Danielle is not one
 of our youth recipients  but she has shown for several years now with her own livestock
 and has been an inspiration to all of our youth. 
A great big THANK YOU to you and your family for leading the way, we applaud you.


The newest to receive a heifer from our heifer program
is Britni Stewart. They live south west of chandler.
They picked up the heifer, Pansy, on Sept 29, 2013 at
Euchee Creek Farm
This heifer was purchased from Euchee Creek Farm for
Britni with the proceeds of the sale of the first calf born
 into our Youth Heifer Program for $400.00.
The heifer, Euchee Creek's Red Pansy,  and Britni
seemed to be a great match. I don't
know who was more thrilled Britni or myself. 
So happy to see a deserving young lady
receive a heifer that I raised.  I wish Birini and
Pansy some wonderful times together.
So enjoyed meeting her family and visiting with
 them.  I believe their mentor is Deb
Hawkins so I am sure they are in good hands
and we will all look forward to seeing
them at the shows in the spring.

 Molly Allen and Violet





Molly Allen's heifer Violet had her calf today. Healthy bull calf.  Oh well,

we were all hoping for a heifer this time.  Anyone want to trade a nice bull for a nice heifer? 





 Molly Allen showing at the MDBA Dexter Show 2014. Good job Molly.


Molly and Violet did great at their very first show, both were
a little apprehensive but looked like pros out in the
show ring. Way to go Molly so proud of you. They were showing
at the Payne County Spring Show Mar 4, 2014


September 07, 2013
Molly Allen, with her parents picking up her new heifer Violet.
Molly received Violet from the Oklahoma Dexter Youth program

Skyler Gann and Sunbeam


Not only did Skylar get involved with showing Dexters the whole family has including two brothers.  All shown here

in the Cow Bingo at the 2014 AGM held in Texas 


All proud of Skylar and her family here at the AGM in Texas 2014


Skylar Gann received Sunbeam a heifer donated by Mary and Norman Hoover


Grant Butler

 Grand Butler 2011
of Sapulpa, Ok received a heifer donated by Red River Valley.
AND he showed her just 3 weeks after receiving
her and won Grand Champion Female at the
2011 Tulsa State Fair! 

  Rae Hendrix

Congratulations to Rae Hendrix of Poteau,
OK. She is the 3rd recipient of a youth program
heifer. Her heifer was donated by Elmer and Agnes
Blackburn of the Busy Bee Ranch in Tishomingo
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 Elizabeth Elliott


Elizabeth Elliott is the ODCA's second heifer program
participant. The heifer was donated by Adriane and Jim
Lippian of New Boston, Tx.

Asher Corter and Bella



 So proud of Asher!!


Asher Corter Senior Exhibitor of the Year





Asher Corter winner of Sr. Showmanship at the 2014 MDBA

Dexter Show in Marshfield this weekend. Congratulations!


Grand Champions! Way to go Asher!!!
at Fort Wayne Indiana. 2012


Look at that body form!! I'm not talking about Asher or Brett......it's Bella



Our first youth to receive a heifer in our program is
Asher Corter.  He received a heifer donated by
Randy and Karen Hall.
A true success story, Asher now has a nice herd of Dexter and
continues to show